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The Muncipality Skurap

The south-western municipalities of Sweden are known as "Söderslätt", as opposed to "Österlän", or as "Sydkusten", the South Coast. There are three churches within a 10 minutes walk from Torsjö, Hassle Bösarp's Church, Solberga Church and Örsjö Church. The closest town is Ystad famous for its old buildings, monastery and magnificent theatre.

The House

The small countryside cottage was built around 1900 and belonged for generations to Torsjö Mansion. At the middle of the 19th century the mansion housed one of Swedens largest libraries, with ca. 8.000 vols, and a substantial art collection, a part of the Stenboch Archive.

The Name

Þrúðvangur was the home of Thor in Norse mythology. Þrúður was Thor's daughter. The same word means 'strong' in Icelandic. The word has given Þrúða, which means woman, girl. "Torsjö" means "the lake of Thor" and was probably an actual place of worship for the vikings who lived in these parts of Southern Sweden for about a thousand years ago.


Torsjö is the home of about 20 families. Directions: If you come from Malmö you should take the E65 towards Ystad. Get off at Skurup. Take the road to Skivarp. After about 4 km you come to Torsjö :


Under hög himmel,
mellan knölig Romelås
och havsblått Abbekås
fick vi vårt hem och vårt bo.
Här har vi vår rot.
Här fann vi ro
och framtidstro.

( Nygammalt från Skivarp,
v. Nöbbelöv och Solberga med Torsjö. Private edition )